ANDON Display Build 02

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1. What is an ANDON ?

An Andon is a visual control that indicates the status of a machine, manufacturing line or work process.

2. What is the importance of ANDON system?

Adons are an effective way to alert support personnel who must attend to several automated processes at a time or are not always located in close proximity to the work they oversee.

3. Product description

This is a custom built product for a leading tire manufacturing plant in Sri Lanka. The whole idea is to display the tire curing oven numbers in a large double side overhead SSD display. And the two data input devices are installed in two different locations and it operated by two production teams. And the whole system is intelligently interlinked via an industrial wireless system.

Note – Contact us to design your own customized ANDON system.

4. Product features

  • Large double side display
    • 4” pure green SSD display.
    • Six rows and each row can display 0 to 99.
    • Internal memory for power failures.
    • Industrial wireless network.
    • Intelligent microprocessor control.
    • 230VAC input.
  • Two data input devices
    • Each module has its own mini SSD display.
    • User replaceable USB number pad. (wireless or wired)
    • Internal memory for power failures.
    • Industrial wireless network.
    • Intelligent microprocessor control.
    • 230VAC input.
  • Wireless
    • This display system is a completely wireless system except the power cable. And we can guarantee the wireless connectivity all around the premises. Our wireless system does not use your organization wireless network or the internet connections. And also, it won’t interfere with your other networks. We use our own industrial independent network to communicate with the devices.

5. Installation and technical information’s.

Oven displays are numbered as system A, B, C & D. And the each system has three main components, which is as follows.
I. Data input – A1, B1, C1 & D1
II. Data delete – A2, B2, C2 & D2
III. Large double side display – A3, B3, C3 & D3

When you install the system please pay attention to the module numbers. As an example if you want to install system “A” please select A1, A2, & A3 modules. Each system communicate each other using 4 different frequency bands. Which is, System A – 470 MHz, System B – 472 MHz, System C – 474 MHz and System D – 476 MHz.

ANDON Display Block Diagram6. How to operate the system

  • Input Data (A1, B1, C1 or D1)

Type any two digit value to device A1 and hit Enter to save the typed number in to the device. You can repeat the process until all the 6 rows are filled. If you try to enter more than 6 values it will show you an Error message. As soon as you stop typing device will automatically transfer the data to other modules, which is A2 & A3.

  • Delete Data (A2, B2, C2 or D2)

If you entered data using the module A1 then you could see the same data set on module A2. If you wish to delete values in the rows please press appropriate row number using the number pad and now you’ll be able to see the pressed number on the Blue color 7-Segment screen (yellow arrow). Now please press the Del button and then Enter button. Appropriate row will set to zero and also same row will be set to zero automatically on the module A1.

  • Large double side display (A3, B3, C3 or D3)

Data on the input modules will be transmit to the large displays instantly.

7. Video demonstration



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