ANDON Caller Points with Data Logging- Wireless

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1. Block diagram of the ANDON System


2. Product features

  • Completely wireless solution.
    • Wireless frequency – 72Mhz (Frequency Hopping Technology)
    • Range – Over 3000m radius. Our wireless system easily penetrate buildings and concrete walls.
    • Wireless power – 20mW – 1W
  • LED 4 color tower light per each caller point.
  • Caller points are wirelessly linked with the ANDON logic controller.
  • ANDON logic controller is the main processor which control the whole system in real time. It will be install in a central location to receive all the inputs from caller points via wirelessly. And in the same time it will transmit appropriate data to display panels wirelessly in real time.
  • Maximum of 65 caller points can be add to the system.
  • Each caller point contain 4 buttons, which are
    • Maintenance
    • Quality
    • Material
    • Finished goods
    • (Custom buttons can be added)
  • Total of 5 display panels are provided and one of those is the master display panel. Which is installed in GM office to show all 4 departments’ traffic.

3. Functionality of the system in brief.

When the caller point buttons are triggered by production personals appropriate LED tower will light up and the appropriate department will be alert by displaying the caller point number and in the same time master display will also show the overall factory ANDON status by displaying the departments and the caller point numbers. And the whole process is wirelessly controlled except the 230VAC power wires.

4. Customized caller points.

Caller points could be customized according to the production floor needs. We could use Simple button interface to advanced touch panel interface. All will be wirelessly connected.

5. ANDON data logging.

Main controller device will log the data automatically and if it connected to a local network or Internet, it will upload the data periodically to a server computer.

6. Easy System Installation.

Our products can be install within minutes because of the wireless technology. Any electrician could install or relocated the devices without any electronic knowledge.

7. Durability, Warranty and Service Warranty

We manufacture our products to meet the industrial standards and for Sri Lankan weather conditions. We have tested many different products and systems in various factories for years, without break downs or either services. For every custom product of ours includes 1 year comprehensive warranty and life time service warranty.

Note – Contact us to design your own customized ANDON system.


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