Production Scoreboard Build 01

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1. Introduction

Every day, companies strive to find better ways to eliminate waste and increase productivity in their manufacturing operations. One of the easiest and fastest ways to make gains is to focus your plant floor team on specific metrics that are proven to drive improvement in manufacturing productivity (e.g., Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Down Time, Changeover Time, First Pass Yield, and Efficiency).

By using an OptoElectronics scoreboard you can keep staff up-to-date with mission objectives and goals. Effective communication is shown to improve moral and help build team spirit.

2. Product Features


KPI board system is completely wireless system except the power cable. And we can guarantee the wireless connectivity all around the premises. Our wireless system does not use your organization wireless network or the internet connections. And also, it won’t interfere with your other networks. We use our own industrial independent network to communicate with the devices.


  • Digit height – 1.8”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 8” and 12”
  • Display Color – Red, Green and White
  • LED Brightness – standard, high bright and super bright.
  • Viewing Distance – Up to 100m depending on character height.
  • Power – 230 VAC

Data input method

  • Wirelessly via a computer software.
  • Wirelessly via a wireless keyboard (Range over 2000 meters).
  • Wirelessly via a SCADA system.
  • For other custom requirements please feel free to contact us.

Communication and protocol

  • Wireless (Over 2000 meter radius)
  • RS485 (MODBUS RTU or Custom Protocol)
  • RS232 (For less than 50 feet)


  • For clients who want enter data manually we issue a unique customized software according to your requirements.
  • If your organization already have a database we could extract data form it and update the display automatically.
  • Or if your organization have a SCADA system we could customize our product according to your system.

Note – Contact us to design your own customized production scoreboard system.


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