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FUJI PXR Temperature Data Logger – MODBUS RTU

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FUJI PXR Temperature Data Logger is a windows based application developed to constantly monitor the core temperatures of the tires before it goes to curing press.

Application Features

  • Temperature data will be logged in a given location of the local network.
  • Compatible with Fuji PXR 3 and 4 models.
  • Data logging frequency – 1 to 10 seconds.
  • Communication protocol – MODBUS RTU.
  • Compatible with windows 7, 8 & 10.

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Cooling Towers Status Display – Wireless

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Cooling tower status display – wireless


1. Description

Cooling tower status display system is a highly custom designed product for a leading tire manufacturer in Sri Lanka. Basically the goal of the system is monitor and log the data of the cooling towers. Wireless system will save lots of money and cut down the installation time. Our system is SCADA and cross platform compatible.

2. Block diagram of the system


3. Features and Specifications.

  • Pump Status Monitors
    • One device per cooling tower.
    • Motor status monitor inputs – ON/OFF, OVERLOAD
    • Current transformers for 3 phase motor load sensing.
    • Two temperature sensing probes for water inlet and outlet.
    • Water flow rate sensing.
    • Industrial wireless module.
    • Future upgradeable and on-line monitoring.
  • Processor
    • All the cooling tower remote stations and LCD/LED displays are link through this unit. And its a stand alone device no computer support needed.
  • Display
    • 19″ LCD display or LED 7-Segment Display.
    • No computer support needed.
    • Completely wireless and no special installations required.
    • Can relocate easily because of the wireless system.

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