TIMERS Precision (Real Time)

Precision TIMER (Real Time)

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Software programmable precision digital timer is built for industrial use. Capable of handling 10 channels. Trigger durations and times can be adjust individually.

Product Features

  • Timer
    • Wirelessly programmable.
    • Equipped with  precision clock oscillators
    • Inbuilt lithium ion coin cell battery.
    • Display – 7-Segment display (1″ character height)
    • Time format – 12/24 hours.
    • 6 Digit Display – HH:MM:SS
    • Available colors – RED & GREEN.
  • Wireless
    We can guarantee the wireless connectivity all around the premises. Our wireless system does not use your organization wireless network or the internet connections. And also, it won’t interfere with your other networks. We use our own industrial independent network to communicate with the devices.
  • Relay Output
    • Alarm can be program via the software. And relay output could be used to
      trigger an alarm or lamps.
    • Alarm durations also could be adjust via the software.
    • 10A Relay switch
  • Power Supply
    • 230 VAC Input.
  • Product Quality
    • Built for industrial use.

Note – Contact us to design your own customized real time digital timer system.