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Windows to Wireless LCD/LED TV Full HD Video Streaming

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Windows to Wireless LED/LCD TV Full HD Video streaming is a product we develop using dedicated single board computer (Raspberry Pi) for clients who need to display data on Big Screen Flat Panels.

The specialty of this product is once you plug it to the HDMI or VGA port the device will always standing by to listen to the video streams. Even if you turn off and on the device it will be stand by to listen the video streams. If there is no available video streams display will be BLANK or we could put your custom company logo.


  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet video streaming.
  • Full HD
  • Almost real time streaming – Maximum time lag is 1 second.
  • Customizable Graphical User Interfaces for SCADA systems.
  • System can be use as a video streaming device or big HMI screen.
  • Compatible Communication Protocols for SCADA applications
    • RS485 MODBUS

 Video example of maximum time lag


Video example of playing Full HD video.