Serial Input Displays

Serial Input Remote Displays (RS232, RS422, RS485)

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These Large Digit Serial Displays are addressable,  they can be interfaced with many host devices including PC’s, PLC’s, Counters, Weighing  Scales, Temperature Controllers, Master Clocks, Panel Meters etc., that have a serial port.  In multi-drop applications, several options for interfacing and addressing further enhance the flexibility of these serial displays.  An optional output relay can also be provided to activate other control devices. For the customized displays please contact.

Product Features

  • Display
    • Digit size from 3”, 4”, 5”, 8” & 12”
    • Display type – 7-Segment Modules.
    • Software controllable decimal point.
    • Digit count – 4, 6, 8 & 12 available.
  • Power Supply
    • 230VAC / 24VDC / 12VDC
  • Product Quality
    • Built for harsh industrial environments.

Note – Contact us to design your custom displays.